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Digital Marketing

We undertake a range of digital marketing activities; predominantly SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC
(Pay Per Click) but also logo design; banner ads, facebook campaigns, Google places, and social media management.

Our SEO service includes an analysis of your site for your targeted keywords; new meta data and description revisions, adjustment of on-site content to meet optimal performance, guaranteed back link submission with details returned to the client and finally a series of hand written articles/blogs on high page ranked sites. SEO packages start from £100 per month.

We try to be different with our PPC campaigns as we have provided car specific adverts for display which would read like a traditional press ad and can generate very specific traffic against overage stock or special models. Click Through cost is normally in the 30-40p range and we charge a one off set-up cost per advert regardless of life of the advert, we deep-link to the specific car within your web site. We have also had great success with our accessory adverts generating click through of 12% and cost
of just 5p.